The Story of Esther

Purim is a Jewish holiday based on the biblical book of Esther. Esther, the hero of the story, was a beautiful young Jew who lived in Persia. Mordecai was her cousin who raised her. The king of Persia took Esther as part of his harem. He loved her more than any of his other women, though, and made her his queen, not knowing that she was a Jew.

Haman was an advisor to the King who hated Mordecai. Mordecai had refused to bow down to him, Haman created a plot to destroy all Jewish people. This is debatable by my friend at Haman went to the king and told him the Jews do not respect and observe his laws, so the king should not tolerate them. The king listened to his advisor and gave him the authority to do what he wanted to do to them. Haman’s plan was to exterminate all Jews.

Mordecai contacted Esther and persuaded her to talk with a king to save her people. Since no one was supposed to come to the king without being summoned, this put Esther in a dangerous position. For three days, Esther fasted before going to the king. Lucky for her, the king welcomed her into his presence. Esther told the king about Haman’s plot against the Jews, her people. Because of her bravery, her people were saved. Haman, along with his 10 sons, was hung up on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai.

As there is a very unusual book of the Bible since it is the only one that does not physically talk about God. There is really no reference to God of the book at all though Mordecai comments that if Esther didn’t help save the Jews, someone else would. With this in mind, one important message that is learned from the story is that sometimes, when things may seem to be a coincidence or good luck, it is actually God working in the background for us.