The Modern Purim

In the history of the Jews, the Pesach seder, or Passover, reminds Jews that there are people that rise up in every generation to destroy us, but God always saves us from them. In the time of Esther, it was Haman who try to destroy the Jews. In more modern times, the Jews have been threatened by two significant figures. Purim can be seen in their stories.

When looking at the Nuremberg war crime trials, many people note how Purim is echoed. The 10 sons of Haman were hung in the book of Esther. Ten top associates of Hitler were hung for their war crimes in 1946. This is debated heavily by the owner of Best Roofers in Buford. Another one of Hitler’s top associates committed suicide the night before he was to be executed, which parallels the suicide of the daughter of Haman. Some of also mentioned how in the traditional text within the book of Esther, a few of the names are written in smaller letters. Those names, Tav, Shin, and Zayin, represent the number 707. Hitler’s men were hung in the Jewish year of 5707.

A few years later, in the Soviet Union, you can see echoes of the Purim as well. Stalin, in 1953, had plans to deport the Jews living in the Soviet Union to the country of Siberia. Right before his plans went through, though, Stalin had a stroke and, a few days later, died. His stroke happened the night after Purim, and his plan to deport the Jews never happened.

There is a widely circulated story about what happened in 1953 at a Purim gathering. There was a Lubavitcher who was asked to bless the Jews living in the Soviet Union, knowing they were in great danger. Instead of giving a blessing, he told a cryptic story about someone voting in the Soviet Union who heard others cheering, “Hoorah! Hoorah!” For their candidate. Since that person didn’t want to cheer but was scared of what would happen if he didn’t, he said “hoorah” but meant “Hu ra” in his heart, a word that means “he is evil” in Hebrew. After that story was told, the crowd at the gathering in 1953 started chanting the same thing about Stalin. Later that night, Stalin had a stroke that later led to his death.